A modernization by

Stanley J. Kahrl and

Alexandra F. Johnston

Copyright © A.F. Johnston Toronto, 1999



The Pageants (modernized by A.F.Johnston)

  1. The Creation and Fall of Man
  2. Cain and Abel
  3. Noah
  4. Abraham and Isaac
  5. Moses
  6. The Tree of Jesse
  7. The Betrothal of Mary
  8. The Parliament of Heaven and the Annunciation
  9. Joseph's Return
  10. The Trial of Mary and Joseph
  11. The Nativity
  12. The Adoration of the Shepherds
  13. The Adoration of the Magi
  14. The Purification of the Virgin
  15. The Massacre of the Innocents and the Death of Herod
  16. Christ and the Doctors
  17. The Baptism
  18. The Temptation
  19. The Woman Taken in Adultery
  20. The Raising of Lazarus
  21. The Resurrection Appearances
  22. The Ascension
  23. Pentecost
  24. The Last Judgment

The Passion Play (modernized by S.J.Kahrl)

  1. Part I
  2. Part II

The Plays on the Life of the Virgin Mary (modernized by A.F. Johnston)

  1. The Mary Play
  2. The Assumption of the Virgin

Appendices (modernized by A.F.Johnston

  1. Appendix I The Proclamation
  2. Appendix II The Passion Play Interlude

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